Friday, April 12, 2013

Hot Pursuit Operation Against UFO

A former Canadian Military Recon Paratrooper has reported UFO sighting to Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). The reporting witness said a UFO was chased by military jets over Graton, Ontario at 12:00 AM on March 9, 2013.

The witness described the location and time of the strange event. He was on Lake Ontario and the time when he saw the mysterious UFO was 10:30 PM.

The witness then detailed how many lights he had seen, their direction, position, altitude and shape. He said that there were three lights over the lake due west around 5-8 miles out in a line formation but not on the same levels. The left light was the lowest and the light on the middle was higher and the far right light was the highest. He said that the lights seemed to form at perfect line.

The witness claimed that he is a former Canadian Military Recon Paratrooper and knows virtually all aircraft and flying. At first, he thought what he saw were para-flares dropped from an airplane but few seconds later, he noticed the lights were not descending. He further noticed the lights changed colours from blue to red, from blue-green to turquoise. He knows very well that para-flares are orange in colour.

He continued to observe the lights for 3 to 5 minutes, then, he noticed the light in the far left started to increase its altitude around 1000-2500 (10 degrees) feet in just around 2 seconds. At the same time the light in the far right began to descend altitude around 500-1000 (5degrees) feet. Meanwhile, the light in the centre did not make any movement at this time.

The far left light was the brightest and the centre and far right lights were at similar level of brightness. The formation remained for 8-10 minutes and then disappeared. The disappearance was not like the lights were burned out. 

After the witness lost sight of the mysterious UFO lights, he then heard fighter jets around 54-60 minutes later. This time it was 11:00 PM EST.

The fighter jets stayed around 10 minutes on the same altitude of the lights earlier. Then they climbed and headed west. 

The witness is very certain that the lights he just saw were not from ordinary aircraft.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

California Has the Highest Number of UFO Sightings in March

March 2013 UFO Alert rating has been released on April 1, 2013 and 4 U.S. states are moving to a UFO Alert 3. The National UFO ALERT System is based on the reported UFO sightings filed with the Mutual UFO Network as of the end of March 2013.

California leads the pack as the highest reporting state with 59 cases in March, slightly higher in February with 53 cases.

Oregon, Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina, Washington, Arizona and Michigan belong to UFO Alert 4 category with at least 13 reported sightings each.

Missouri and Indiana are seen to have only at least 10 UFO cases bringing them to UFO Alert 5 category. The entire US is at UFO Alert 5, the lowest alert level.

UFO Alert 4 Status:

· Oregon – 13 reports

· Pennsylvania – 14 reports

· Ohio – 16 reports

· North Carolina – 16 reports

· Washington – 20 reports

· Arizona – 20 reports

· Michigan – 21 reports

Missouri and Indiana are the ‘Watch States” with 12 reports each.

The most reported UFO shape is still the same which is the sphere with 124 reports followed by the following:

· Circle – 91 reports

· Star-like – 79 reports

· Unknown – 77 reports

· Triangle – 63 reports

· Other – 59 reports

· Fireball – 49 reports

· Disc – 48 reports

· Oval – 42 reports

· Boomerang – 28 reports

· Cylinder – 27 reports

· Flash – 26 reports

· Cigar – 18 reports

· Diamond – 12 reports

· Blimp – 11 reports

· Chevron – 10 reports

· Egg – 10 reports

· Bullet or missile – 8 reports

· Teardrop – 7 reports

· Saturn-like - 6 reports

· Cone – 4 reports

· Cross – 1 report

The distances of objects from the reporting witnesses are as follows:

· No value – 19 cases

· Unknown – 167 cases

· Over a mile – 127 cases

· 501 feet to a mile – 109 cases

· 101 – 500 feet – 68 cases

· Less than 100 feet – 77 cases

High reporting states do not necessarily have the most interesting UFO reports but these states do hold some of the most interesting proof to examine.