Saturday, January 26, 2013

UFO sighting over Hampshire, England, January 22, 2013

OrbUFO videos 2013 - This footage of UFO activity over Farnborough in Hampshire, United Kingdom, was filmed on January 22, 2013.

Author's report: I went to switch the central heating on before going back upstairs to get ready for the morning... it was then that I had a feeling to look through the bedroom curtains to see what the weather was like; it was dark through the low level mist, and visibility was limited somewhat, but my attention was grabbed by an unusual light in the sky to the west of the Qinetiq facility; this was a huge, orange round light, at quite low altitude.

Then suddenly, another light just appeared near to this one, both just hanging in the sky motionless and shining brightly.
One of the lights began to diminish in size, then yet another light just suddenly popped into view - and gradually the lights moved closer together, before intensifying in size; this happened a few times... with a light just suddenly appearing in the same spot and fading...

I woke my partner up, he went downstairs and grabbed the camcorder and videoed this... which was towards the end of the episode.

These were not Chinese lanterns or flares... I know the characteristics of those things well; these objects that we saw, behaved as if they were going in and out of reality... not gradually entering our view, but instantaneously appearing and slowly disappearing, more or less in the one region.

At the beginning you can just make out a second orb before it faded.

New video of a UFO over Australia, January 22, 2013

unidentified flying objectUFO videos 2013 - New clip of a bright UFO or orb flying across the night sky above Australia. This was taken on January 22, 2013.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Amazing triangle-shaped UFO in NASA photo

UFO triangleNew images of a triangle-shaped UFO is interesting and important because it is actually captured in two photos. This object is in the more traditional shape. Given its size relative to Earth is it possible that this triangle shaped UFO is responsible for sightings such as the Phoenix Lights.

STS-61-C was the twenty-fourth mission of NASA's Space Shuttle program, and the seventh mission of Space Shuttle Columbia. It was the first time that Columbia, the first operational orbiter to be constructed, had flown since STS-9. The mission launched from Florida's Kennedy Space Center on 12 January 1986, and landed six days later on 18 January.

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nasa UFO
nasa triangle

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

UFOs or orbs over Phoenix, AZ, January 14, 2013

UFO videos 2013 - New footage of unidentified flying objects hovering in the sky over Phoenix, Arizona was filmed on January 14, 2013.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

UFO Caught Live on Fox News, January 20, 2013

An aircraft like object with lights seems to materialize out of nowhere over the Washington Monument and evaporate into a ring of blue-ish smoke in a span of less than 10 seconds. This was captured Live on Fox News the night before President Obama's second Inauguration.

Triangle UFO and black ops helicopters over Ft Myers, Florida, January 8, 2013

UFOs over FloridaUFO videos - New footage of some kind of triangle formation in the the sky above Fort Myers in Florida. This was recorded on January 8, 2013.

Author's statement: On January 08, at around 10pm strange bright lights appeared to hover over SWFL International Airport, up to 8 helicopters were witnessed surrounding the area, If anyone has any information, please contact your local MUFON office.Now I am not saying this is not authentic not fake , it could be flares being dropped from helos but jumping and disappearing flares ?

Fast UFOs flying over Bangkok, Thailand, January 20, 2013

fastwalkersUFO videos 2013 - New clip of a so called UFO fastwalkers in the sky over Bangkok, Thailand. This was taken on January 20, 2013.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Unknown lights hovering above Georgia country - January 2013

Recent UFO sightings - New video of a bright UFOs hovering in triangle formation over Tbilisi in Georgia. This was taken in January 2013.

UFOs OVNIs flying above Mexico City, January 10, 2013

UFO videos 2013 - New clip of a daytime UFO OVNI activity in the sky above Mexico City. This was taken on January 10, 2013.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Unknown lights over Oakland, California, January 19, 2013

UFO videos
Recent UFO sightings - New footage of a bright objects or orbs in the sky above Oakland in California. This was taken on January 19, 2013.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

New video of a UFOs over Miami, FL, January 17, 2013

Recent UFO videos - New video of a unknown objects hovering in the sky above Miami, Florida. This was filmed on January 17, 2013.

Ancient Aliens - The Einstein Factor S5E5

History Channel, Season 5, Episode 5
January 18, 2013

Was Albert Einstein a genius? Or was he superhuman? Was his genius "of this world," or was it "otherworldly?" Is it possible, as Ancient Astronaut theorists believe, of an extraterrestrial connection to the scientific genius of famous historical figures such as Albert Einstein, Galileo, Archimedes, and Aristotle?

VIDEO: UFO Orb over Lincolnshire, UK, January 2013

UFOs OrbsUFO videos 2013 - New video of a strange bright object hovering over Lincolnshire, UK. This was taken in January 2013.