Saturday, September 22, 2012

UFO Sighting on Earth’s Moon

On 15 September 2012, an astronomer has officially exposed a video which complements representations developed by Alex Collier, David Icke and other individuals of extraterrestrial activities on Earth’s Moon. The sighting looks to go with the Alien Hollow Moon concept. 

David Icke has pointed out on his articles and speeches on the “Moon Matrix” that Moon of the Earth has been the site of a number of manipulations which include mind control. 

Dr. Micheal Salla has endorsed the presence of a Military Industrial Extraterrestrial Complex (MIEC), and that Earth is assimilated by intentions of aliens which also run on the Moon. 

While filming the Moon on September 15, 2012, with his/her telescope and Canon EOS 600D, the astronomer observed 13 orbs very likely launching from a mysterious alien base on the Moon. 

The astronomer who uses “r3alw0rld” username in YouTube elaborated on his or her video evidence. 

The astronomer indicated that he/she modified the raw video and added different colors to get better look of these objects. The live and untouched footage can be viewed here:

The astronomer advised to those individuals who believe it is man-made to simply browse on YouTube for “UFO landing on moon” or "UFO starting from moon." He or she indicated that there are many additional evidence videos which are identical to this his/her. 

China had shown a great quality picture of a significant extraterrestrial base on the Moon. 

A credited claim to Chinese illustration on a believed military base on the Moon is similar with Alex Collier's evidence of Manipulative Interdimensional Aliens and "human" elites dwelling on the Moon. 

Alex Collier mentions that regressive extraterrestrials with collaborators from Earth have been working through Archons on Earth for the oppression of the human race. 

In a video that can be viewed below, Alex Collier denotes that the Moon, which encircles Earth with a created round orbit, was brought to Earth more than 1,100 decades ago by Manipulative Extraterrestrials. Mr. Collier states that a large number of these Manipulative Extraterrestrials stay underground. The Moon is therefore an obvious massive UFO.

In another video below, Bill Uhouse, who was a military officer, highlights discovering these aliens underground.

Friday, September 21, 2012

UFOs in formation over Dublin, Ireland, September 19, 2012

UFO sightings 2012 - New night time video of UFO formation flying over Dublin in Ireland. This was taken on September 19, 2012.

VIDEO: Cigar UFO hovering above Oregon, September 20, 2012

UFO videos - New daytime clips of cylindrical UFO hovering in the sky above Corvallis in Oregon. This footage was recorded on September 20, 2012.

UFO activity filmed over Missouri, August 2012

Latest UFO sightings - New footage of bright UFOs in the sky above Princeton in Missouri. It was filmed on August 2012.

Witness statement: This video was recorded on a cell phone in at night on about the middle of august 2012 ..just north - north east of Princeton, Missouri... These are obviously not cellphone towers nor are they any kind of u.s. aircraft... The audio may be loud so be advised .. Enjoy !!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

New video of UFOs over Phoenix, Arizona, September 18, 2012

Recent UFO videos - New footage of unknown lights hovering in the sky above Phoenix in Arizona. Filmed on 18th September, 2012.

Witness statement: My neighbor came and knocked on my door and was freaking out saying something about UFO's, I walked out front and saw two orange orbs floating over the city, they definitely weren't planes. I ran inside to grab my camera but when I got back out they had disappeared, my neighbor said she saw them go out like someone switched out the light. After a few minutes she went back inside, I continued to look for them and saw them reappear in a different part of the sky and thats when I started filming. Around 3:30 they both disappear as a plane approaches and then one of them reappears in a different spot. Maybe theres an explanation, but as of now they're unidentified....

Two UFOs seen and recorded over Japan, September 19, 2012

UFO videos - This clip of two lights hovering in the sky above Japan was filmed on September 19, 2012.

UFO seen and recorded over Moscow, Russia, September 14, 2012

UFO sightings - New video of bright UFO flying in the night sky above Moscow in Russia. This was recorded on September 14, 2012 at 19:30.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

UFO recorded over Kazakhstan, September 18, 2012

UFO videos - New footage of unknown bright object hovering in the sky above  Priozersk in Kazakhstan. This was recorded on September 18, 2012.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

UFO activity over Niagara Falls, Canada, September 11, 2012

UFO videos 2012 - New video of unknown bright objects or orbs in the sky above Niagara Falls in Canada. This was recorded on September 11, 2012 at 23:30.

Unknown lights recorded over Moscow, Russia, September 17, 2012

Latest UFO sightings - Interesting video of two unknown objects or some kind of spheres caught on tape over Moscow in Russia. Recorded on September 17, 2012.

Tony Blair's Administration was Aware About Unidentified Flying Objects?

Bombshell files recently released to the public indicate that British Prime Minister Tony Blair knew about the UFOs since 1990s. 

Just like the American Freedom of Information Act, Great Britain’s government is disclosing top-secret documents regarding unexplained aerial activity. 

Officials may not be likely to disclose everything they know concerning UFOs because it would only result public panic. However, this could be the right step because it allows more plausible deniability for the government. 

The administration of Tony Blair was allegedly aware on UFOs in the sky of UK. It is reported that Blair was briefed about unidentified flying objects and the British Ministry of Defense was worried on Royal Air Force jets attacked by a UFO. 

British archives expert David Clarke said that an aircraft was lowly flying fast and mysteriously the pilot had maneuvered his aircraft into the hillside that killed all the crews. 

For some people, this revelation is not shocking. Thirty-five percent of Americans think that UFOs have been visiting Earth. Specific and detailed evidences have been already released regarding the existence of intelligent life outside Earth. 

A UFO over the South Pole?

A footage taken of the Neumayer-Station III, a research station in Antarctic, appears to show what many are considering a UFO over the South Pole

The video posted on YouTube is showing a round and blurry object hovering above the station on August 10. Speculation about the object rapidly spread with UFO enthusiasts wanting explanations from the government about alien cover-ups or top secret tests of some latest high-tech secret weapons. 

While a concrete and definitive explanation has not yet surface, several elements give answer. The alleged UFO seems to appear just near over the research station. It is almost perfectly round and similar to the size of a balloon. Neumayer-Station III is a scientific research station that carries out experiments and tests in different areas including meteorology, geophysics, and atmospheric chemistry. Weather balloons are normally used to get sample of the atmosphere and to study altitudes above Antarctica. 

One UFO enthusiast said that the alleged UFO was indeed a balloon based on the evidence so far except for one mysterious fact; no one could explain why the object only appeared shortly in the footage. 

It is true that the object can be seen in the footage only a few frames. However, this mysterious fact may become less mysterious when you learned that the original video has been speed up. This is ordinarily happens in time-lapse photography. This process allows an individual to make any objects not stationary for long periods of time to only appear in a few frames.

Disc-shaped UFO recorded over Brazil, September 15, 2012

UFO videos 2012 - This interesting video of a possible flying saucer was recorded in the sky above Santa Maria in Brazil on September 15, 2012.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Triangle formation of UFOs recorded over England, September 15, 2012

UFO videos 2012 - New clip of unknown bright objects or spheres hovering in the night sky in triangle formation. This was seen and recorded over Crawley in United Kingdom on September 15, 2012.

UFO in Harrisburg, Illinois Was Caught on Video

A sparkling UFO was noticed and captured on video flying above the black skies of Harrisburg, Illinois on the 11th of September 2012. 

The individuals who observed and captured the unidentified flying object on video were briefly left without words for a couple of minutes. These people were amazed to witness the shimmering UFO. On the video, which has the typical jittery result, it is logical why witnesses reacted just like that. 

The shape of the UFO was like a saucer with noticeable ridge moving around its shell. It hovered for a couple of seconds before it faded totally. 

City lights could be the cause of that UFO phenomenon but that was nearly impossible to develop such one of a kind formation. If the UFO was just an aircraft or something that usually fly in the sky, the individuals who noticed that stuff would not mind the thing. Thus, it is definitely a different object in the night that moment. 

This certain UFO sighting is significant because of its interesting shape and also due to the reaction of witnesses.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Investigating UFOs in Reedley and Beyond

Chasing UFOs are the version of “Ghostbusters” in Reedley area. 

A couple of weeks ago, Jeffrey Gonzalez got a phone call from somebody saying that Fresno County Sheriff’s Deputies and Reedley Police Officers were pursuing a UFO down at Lac Jac Avenue. 

Founder of the Sanger Paranormal Society (SPS) Gonzalez got the call via SPS 24-hotline. The call was featured during his weekly Sunday radio broadcast on SPS Radio. 

SPS was featured in National Geographic on June 29, 2012 at the reality segment “Dirty Secrets.” The segment was talking about secret underground military bases. FOX also did an article about the episode. 

The filming by the National Geographic had some controversies. Gonzalez said that the National Geographic film crew and he were trailed by white vans with government officials inside. 

After the show aired, Gonzalez claimed that he has got several phone calls from people in different parts of the world saying that they have spotted UFOs. 

Some people were surprise to know that Gonzalez became a UFO expert living in Central Valley, a small town in California, which is not a place known for paranormal activity. 

However, Gonzalez said that that the Valley is situated in the bottom section of “Nevada Triangle.” 

He claimed that the Nevada Triangle is bordered by Lemoore Naval Air Station, Area 51 in southern Nevada, and China Lake in the Mojave Desert. Gonzalez added that there is much paranormal activity in the Fresno Area. 

Gonzalez is a full time employee at AT&T as technician and became interested in paranormal activity when he was a child. He saw something unexplainable in the sky when he was in junior high. He said that it was not a balloon or a helicopter. 

He said that at that time, he was scared and ran inside the house screaming. Since that time, he tried to figure out what was happening. 

Gonzalez began to search for ghosts but people reported him seeing a giant footprints, believed to be Bigfoot, as well as unidentified flying objects over their houses. 

His popularity just came and he started a 24- hour hotline. In 2009, he started the SPS with four members. Each member has specialty area and Gonzales specializes in tracking UFOs. 

Gonzalez said that SPS have all equipment just like ghost hunters such as night vision cameras and EMF detectors. The most popular time for UFO sightings is 7 p.m. – 11 p.m. 

Daytime video of UFOs over Los Angeles, CA, September 10, 2012

UFO videos - New footage of a bright daytime UFOs or orbs hovering in the sky above LA in California. This clip was filmed on September 10, 2012.