Saturday, September 1, 2012

1965 UFO Sightings in Essex, Hampshire

Stories about UFOS have long been fascinated the world as testimonies on sightings continue to unravel despite not having solid evidence of their existence. Many people have claimed to see one, with recordings from their own cameras or videos. But science has long opposed to the idea and reasoned that no such thing is present in today’s modern age. 

The testimonies of the sightings in Essex, New Hampshire in 1965 have changed the way UFOs are perceived. Many people have confessed to have seen strange flying objects a few meters above them, while some have sworn that they have been followed by a bright light for the long miles that they have travelled. Given the number of people who have claimed to have seen them, such incidents are thoroughly investigated. 

Up until today, the subject of UFOS still causes a sense of mysticism to people. Science has doubted their existence, but many people have stated their own experiences of having a glimpse of the object. Nobody knows where they exactly came from, and much documentation has been made to cause the mystery that goes along with these unidentified flying objects. Their origin will always be left undetermined unless they are physically presented right in front of the human eyes.

Triangle UFO over Oregon - August 2012

UFO videos 2012 - New footage of some kind of triangle UFO in the sky above Oregon. This video was recorded recently (in 2012).

Witness statement: The UFO was noticed as it was coming overhead from the South traveling North and then changes direction to move North East and then South around the perimeter location . The NEX cam was on a tripod and captured the triangle in HD and the night vision continues to track the object.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Triangle formation above Oregon, August 2012

Latest UFO sightings 2012 - This strange triangle formation of lights was seen and recorded in the sky above Oregon in United States in late August 2012.

UFO Sighting Reports from Northern Rivers

Moira McGhee, UFO tracker, said that testimonies about recent UFO sightings from Northern Rivers residents are genuine. 

McGhee was contacted by the residents after hearing reports on two UFO sightings over Kyogle and Mullumbimby. McGhee is the founder of Independent Network of UFO Researchers. 

Some locals who contacted McGhee were claiming they had UFO sightings but McGhee was quick to note that there were inconsistencies in their accounts. 

However, she did believe a Casino man who is claiming that he saw an object just like the one seen at Kyogle that night on August 2, 2012. 

The Casino main said that the object he saw was a solid bright white light that went south to north. He initially thought that it was a plane but changed his mind when it remained solidly lit as it went past. He believed that it was not a weather balloon since there was no announcement coming from the Bureau of Meteorology. 

There were other residents also made the same story to the Casino man. 

McGhee said that each sighting comes a few questions. She will not full deny or endorse an extra-terrestrial theory. 

She said it is possible that extra-terrestrials would send at least one from them as human have been sending outside planet Earth. 

Video of bright UFOs over India, August 29, 2012

UFO videos 2012 - This clip of unknown bright objects hovering in the sky above India was filmed on August 29, 2012.

Unidentified flying object hovering above Mexico City, August 29, 2012

UFO videos - New footage of unknown object hovering in the sky above Mexico City. This was recorded on August 29, 2012.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Controversial 1947 UFO Crash Incident in Roswell

UFO crash in the town of Roswell in New Mexico in 1947 is perhaps the most celebrated extraterrestrial case worldwide. It could have started the beginning of ufology and has been linked to any new UFO sightings in the world. As enigmatic as the alien abduction of the Hills, the Roswell incident keeps on hovering in the minds of researchers as conflicts behind it are left unsettled. 

July of 1947 marked the start of a series of investigations pertaining to an unusual object that had crashed on a farm area in Roswell. William W. Brazel, a sheep rancher, together with a 7-year-old boy was riding his horse when he unexpectedly saw a large strange object whose debris scattered over an area of almost three quarters of a mile long. He observed that the debris was of shiny, metallic metal and concluded that such material was not innate on Earth since he never saw similar thing all over his life. 

Brazel picked up some of the extraterrestrial metallic pieces and presented it to the Chaves County Sheriff's Office. Officer George Wilcox responded to the incident and also realized that such object was something he had not seen before. 

The reported crash of the object, whose shape was identical to that of a saucer, reached to the U.S. Air Force, which then examined the debris. A day later, numerous newspapers published news with headlines that said a flying saucer was captured by Air Force on a ranch in Roswell. However, the Americans lost their hope that aliens really exist when the Air force suddenly shifted to a conclusion that the object was just a weather balloon. 

Though there are conflicting accounts surrounding the Roswell UFO incident, many believe that the government wanted to keep details confidential.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

UFOs in California

A strange video posted on YouTube shows a group of people looking above along a California street. The onlookers are reacting to the remarkably weird lights of UFOs hovering above them. The observers are apparently confused by the flashing lights in the sky. 

In the video, more than six steady lights appear to bump into each other without making a single sound. They cannot be airplanes or helicopters. They could be parachutes but it would be a very risky maneuver. Moreover, it would be illogical to drop over a busy city. 

The video catches some comments from the people who obviously puzzled at that moment. Some even heard saying profane language. They may be excused by the unusual sight. 

The UFOs are apparently not the known type of aircraft and no proof of wings, rotor blades, flashing navigational lights or engine exhaust. Why they are colliding with each other? That is another mystery of the unidentified flying objects. 

The end part of the video shows most of the lights fade away and disappear completely. What are these things? Do you have any idea?

New video of UFOs over Brooklyn, NY, August 26, 2012

That had been a hefty news week when UFO sighting above Brooklyn, New York was recorded. There had been stories regarding Hurricane Isaac, the variety performance of Clint Eastwood at the Republican National Convention, U.S. military men were charged as terrorist and a few of various other issues. 

Therefore, the unquestionably huge happening for UFO followers or believers was placed at the last part of television newscasts as segment of light or entertainment reports. 

For several UFO enthusiasts out there, news business was never been sensible or balanced. 

And so, in this article, you can get a complete publicity and total disclosure for the month of August as the tale and video of UFOs above Brooklyn are offered. 

That was 11 p.m. of August 6, 2012 when a guy captured a UFO sighting in his video camera. The video clip was submitted on YouTube referred to as “Latest Mass UFO Sighting| August 26, 2012. 

The guy states that what the video has shown is true and there were around thirty to forty of sparkling orbs that appeared to fly in nearly perfect triangular formation. He reports that there were several witnesses of the UFOs and they were all awestruck from the nearby Vanderbilt and Dekalb Avenues. He is sure that the UFOs are not airplanes or helicopters and were too great in formation to be Chinese lanterns. After a few seconds in the air, the UFOs totally gone away and never come back.

Witness statement: Some really strange lights over Brooklyn, New York last night 8/26/12 at about 11pm. All in all there were 30-40 of these glowing orbs that looked to be flying in near perfect triangle formation. We were mesmerized as were several other groups of people who also witnessed the lights from the corner of Vanderbilt and Dekalb Aves. They were clearly not aircraft or helicopters and were in too perfect of a formation to be Chinese Lanterns. After watching them drift across the skyline for several minutes they all disappeared and did not reappear. The craziest thing is that if you search youtube there are multiple videos from exactly one year ago showing the exact same phenomena! If anyone knows what these things were or saw them too, please respond to this video. It was really strange! ps sorry for the language, we were kinda freaking out...

UFO TV: Moonwalkers

This program takes you on a journey, through the events of all the Manned Apollo Missions to the Moon's surface. From the launch pad, to touchdown on the Moon's surface, to splashdown safely back on Earth, this feature film provides clear evidence that NASA's Missions to the Moon did in fact actually happen.

Unknown lights over Monterey, CA, July 2012

UFO videos - Unknown lights hovering in the night sky above Monterey in California. This footage was made in late July 2012.

Witness statement: Uploaded from Android phone. Three silent low flying orange spheres that appeared to be on fire, created a triangle shape while moving from southwest to northeast. They then disappeared upward rapidly

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New video of UFO above Nice, France, August 27, 2012

UFO videos - Interesting footage of unknown object with multiple lights in the sky above Nice in France on August 27, 2012 around 23:00.

UFO seen and recorded above Spain, August 25, 2012

UFO sightings 2012 - New video of unidentified flying object hovering in the sky above Spain was filmed on August 25, 2012.

Daytime UFOs above Pelileo, Ecuador, August 19, 2012

UFO videos - New footage of daytime UFO activity in the sky above Pelileo in Ecuador. This was filmed on August 19, 2012.

Witness statement: Recorded Sunday, August 19, 2012 video filmed in the city of Pelileo - Ecuador, at 16 h 33 while driving my car. Look at the end when the UFO on the right which is next to the tree disappears in the air. I certify that this video is 100% original and may be subject to any kind of test or study.

Monday, August 27, 2012

UFO hovering above Myrtle Beach, SC, August 26, 2012

UFO sightings - New video of unidentified flying object in the sky above Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. This was filmed on August 26, 2012 around 20:00.

Flying saucer over Scotland? August 27, 2012

UFO videos - New video of huge unknown object flying across the sky above Midlothian in Scotland. This was recorded on August 27, 2012.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

UFO activity seen and recorded over Melbourne, Australia, August 23, 2012

UFOs - Interesting video of unidentified flying objects flying over Melbourne in Australia on August 23, 2012

Amazing video of UFO above a castle in Reutlingen, Germany, August 18, 2012

UFO news - New interesting footage of a UFO hovering and flying over Achalm castle in Reutlingen, Germany (Google Maps link). These 4 videos were filmed on August 18, 2012.

What is your opinion about this UFO videos? Real or fake? Leave your comment below!

UFOs flying in formation above Sydney, Australia, August 25, 2012

UFO videos - New footage of UFOs flying in formation in the sky above Sydney in Australia. This clip was filmed on August 25, 2012 around 14:00.

Unknown lights hovering above Bogota, Colombia, August 16, 2012

Latest UFO sightings - Interesting video of unknown bright objects hovering in the sky above Bogotá, the capital city of Colombia. This was taken on August 16, 2012.

Ancient Aliens - The Cygnus Mystery

Go on a voyage of discovery that leads from the oldest known temple in the world to a prehistoric cave map, to a common belief shared by key ancient cultures, all of which were aware of the star system Cygnus' unique place in the cosmos - and it's significance as the spirit path to heaven. Most surprising is the fact that the Ancient Advanced cultures of the past were aware of cosmic rays emanating from Cygnus, and for their being the spark which ignited evolution - the same spark which continues to alter our DNA right through to the present day.

UFO hovering above crop circle in Averbury, UK, August 19, 2012

New video of daytime UFO activity recorded from crop circle in Averbury, UK on August 19, 2012.