Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Western U.S. Residents Spot A Fireball UFO At The Same Time and Day

A fireball that was spotted streaking across the sky on the night of February 23, 2015 left many residents in Utah and other areas of western U.S. baffled.

According to NASA Orbital Debris Program Office, the fireball was a booster rocket of a Chinese satellite. However, UFOlogists believe NASA was again covering up the truth of an extraterrestrial visitation.

American Meteor Society (AMS) said that many reported the sightings from the western states on the evening of February 23. The reporting witnesses claimed to have spotted a fireball or mass of fireballs flying from southeast to northwest direction.

AMS said they received reports of the UFO sighting from British Columbia, Albert, Wyoming, Oregon, Washington, California, Nevada, Montana, Utah, Idaho, and Arizona on February 24, 2015.

Diane Haskins, a witness from Noxon in Montana, said she saw a streak of 30 to 40 lights travelling from the southeast to the northeast.

NASA/JPL solar system ambassador to Utah, Peter Wiggins, said that the fireball was a rocket body used to launch a Chinese satellite, Yaogan Weizing-26, in December 2014.

However, UFOlogists argue that the fireball above Utah was intelligently maneuvered spacecraft. They disagreed the official claim that the mass has small components of space junk. Ufologists believe that they are smaller pods or capsules detached from a larger spaceship.

Monday, December 1, 2014

UFO With Alto-Pitched Hum Passes Over Columbus, OH

A person from Columbus, OH reported own UFO sighting to Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). The reported sighting happened on February 6, 2013 around past 10 at night.

The witness was in the bus stop to take a ride going home from work when the strange object was first seen. The observer said that the object’s size was about 20 feet wide in the center and 80 feet across.

The estimation of its size was based on the building around the area. The object flew over a 20 feet high building at that point.

The witness heard “an alto-pitched hum” and it disappeared as the object went far from where the witness stood. It had no lights; dark in color, slightly lighter than the color of the dark sky; and had various light gray squares at the bottom, the witness added.

As the object was about to disappear from the naked eyes of a witness, it travelled around a mile. It took 20 to 30 seconds before the UFO completely disappeared.

Images or videos were not included in the report which was filed on the 7th of February 2013. However, Illustration was included to depict what was the object looked like.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

A UFO Recorded Passing Over A Paranormal Conference

A dome-shaped object was observed by dozens of UFO believers at a paranormal conference. A film crew at the Probe International Conference on Sunday in Blackpool recorded the glowing light. Witnesses initially thought that it was a balloon, but this changed when they saw that the mysterious object hovered in the sky for around an hour before disappearing from their naked eyes behind the cover of passing clouds.

The UFO sighting was not the first time for 70-year-old Sam Wright, who runs Probe International. Sam said that he spotted one three years ago at a conference, however only around 20 people noticed a silver-colored cylindrical object passed them at tremendous speed.

Wright noted they organized one or two conferences every year over the weekend and they usually attended by approximately 400 people over the two days. He said he has seen ghosts and UFOs, but usually keep mum about it because of fear to be ridiculed.

On the latest UFO sighting, the mysterious object remained floating in the sky and luckily the film crew managed to record and enlarge it this time.

Approximately 200 people participated the conference, which featured guest speakers from different parts of the world to talk about paranormal phenomenon, crop circles and UFOs.

In another story, an unusual flying object was spotted by a couple hovering above their home in the night sky over Eltham, south London.

The unidentified flying object was noticed by Charlie and Gemma when they were outside having a cigarette. The couple took pictures on their mobile phones while the object was hanging in one place.

Meanwhile, another hovering object was recorded over Fullabrook wind farm in Devon. A man from Devon, Matt Naughton, was driving on a Thursday night towards Torrington when he saw unusual bright lights in the sky.

The Ministry of Defence received around 2,000 UFO sighting reports between 2000 and 2009. However, the UFO desk was shut down in 2009.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

UFOs Give Colours to the Skies of Melbourne

UFOs are reported in many parts of the world but on the last weekend, the apparent UFOs in the skies of Melbourne, Australia made a stir among UFO enthusiasts.

Three unidentified flying objects are shown on the video posted to YouTube by user FindingUFO. These objects manoeuvre in different ways and turn their lights on and off of what seemingly part of the show.

One of the unknown lights suddenly moves at a very fast speed even looking from ground level. This event can be viewed at approximately 1:52 of the video.

There is no enough information about the video but many commenters say that they have witnessed the same light shows in the sky.

OnlyMelbourne.com claims that they are receiving reports on UFO sighting in the area once a week. Most of the reports are lights during the night and only few are back-up with video evidence.

Several UFO videos have been posted to YouTube by different users and one of them is Lou20764. However, it is hard to determine whether they are real or not. In the UFO field, there are people who are known as repeaters. These kind of people can be hoaxers because the more they claim they photograph or videotape something unusual, the lesser credibility they seem to have.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Invisible UFO that can only be seen on Night Vision equipment caught on cam at Leland North Carolina

Invisible to the naked eye, slow moving and low flying, a triangle-shaped object, silent and see through, seen in the northwest side of Wilmington, North Carolina in May 2014; what could this unknown object be?

An unknown technologically advanced aircraft that can cloak and is suspected to have reflective mechanism that gives the illusion of transparency, has been witnessed by a military official as he was scouring the dark sky through his Night Vision instruments.

The witness who shot the UFO video is a current instructor of the U.S. military in Close Quarter Combats; He serves the military for almost 25 years now.

He was able to trace the UFO through an AN/PVS-7D Night Vision 3rd Generation Military Goggles, a very useful issue in the military for improved combat awareness in night ops. The UFO footage was taken through a video camera mounted on his PVS-14 monocular telescope with 3x magnifier. These instruments are the US soldiers’ helmet cam, used in documenting firefights.

He spotted the object coming from the north; it turned and was due south. In his estimate, the object was flying at an altitude of about 5000 feet or 1524 meters. It is not a normal flying altitude for US military aircrafts. One strange thing about the object was despite flying at a very low altitude; it flew silently without a hint of jet noise or whatever and so he decided to record the unknown object as it slowly passes above him. The object also has a flashing light pattern like the ones used in planes and police vehicles, but the flashing sequence of the object 2-1-1-1 (L-R) is unfamiliar to experts. The military, police and commercial planes do not use that kind of flash sequence. The unknown aircraft appears to be transparent as stars can still be visible and unobstructed when the UFO passed by. Another mystery about the UFO is that, it is seen only in his night vision instrument, when the instruments are taken off, neither the object nor the flashing lights is visible in plain sight. The Military personnel wished to remain anonymous to the public.

Kenneth Bates, the field investigator of MUFON North Carolina Chapter believes that the craft caught in the video is genuine and he suspects the object could be alien in origin.

Director of MUFON North Carolina, Lakita Adams and other witnesses suspect the UFO to be a secret military aircraft with invisibility capabilities but the investigation team is not drawing their final conclusion on the matter. The case is still an open investigation.

Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) catalogued the case as #58923. MUFON North Carolina chapter summarized all the important facts as follows:
1.) The triangular-shaped UFO can cloak.
2.) It was silent and slow moving.
3.) The object seems to be transparent in structure or has a mechanism that creates a see-through impression.
4.) The UFO is seen only through Night Vision equipment; it is imperceptible to the naked eye without NV.
5.) The light sequence 2-1-1-1 (L-R) that was seen flashing from the UFO is unknown.

These are the facts that make the Leland North Carolina UFO sighting in May 2014 as one of the most unusual cases that still remain a mystery today.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

UFO sighting over the night sky of Amarillo, Texas

A UFO hovering over the night sky of Amarillo, Texas was captured on a video taken by KISS FM 96.9 radio disk-jockey Dallas Chambers. The sighting lasted a couple of days ago. The DJ even posted the UFO footage in KISS FM’s official website. Several people saw a strange blue light while it maneuver itself above the sky and some even pulled over their cars on the side of the road to see the object dance in the air. Chambers said that until nobody comes forward and claims that it was only an RC plane or helicopter and they were the ones responsible, he will rest on believing that it was a UFO. Everyone who checked out the object was stunned as they followed the UFO with a mystifying look.